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  • David Rosenheim


Clocking the cadence of

misleading metaphors

that have led us like Vegas

to wander the sands

Clocking the toll of these

avarites on television

licking their chops

as the mutton come in

Clocking the waves

on the forgotten beaches

the edge of the world

where the foment began

Clocking the minutes

the ventilation units

the hours, the sunsets

and we do it all again

Ease to the janitor

swabbing the virus

from the morgues of Manhattan

and cutting room floors

Ease to the swine

manufactured for bacon

may you soon be released

for your payment is made

Ease to grocer

the Amazon picker

risking your lungs

for our bleached toilet paper

Ease to the hungry

the alone and unwanted

ease to the mother

as she settles the score

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