Pop-up Sangha

centering in groundlessness

ease through connectedness in uncertain times

As we move through this strange phase of social separation, I feel the need to connect with people I care about. Perhaps like me, you are also feeling as if the ground is shifting beneath your feet. While groundlessness can feel frightening and produce anxiety, it can also be a state from which new possibilities emerge. 

In order to strengthen our connectedness during this time of separation, I am hosting a weekday virtual mediation pop-up sangha. Every morning at 7 am Pacific, let's come together to do a short (15-20 minute) meditation. If you've never done it, group meditation with a "sangha" (community) can be incredibly powerful. Even though we will be sitting in silence online, we will be connected together in this experience.

No experience with meditation necessary! I am not a mediation teacher, just a practitioner, but I will walk us through some basic instructions.


Simply click on the following link from your computer or Zoom app on your phone a couple of minutes before 7 am Pacific, Mondays through Fridays:  




If you have any questions before, during or afterward, please let me know. Feel free to invite others.

If you or someone you know would like to explore support and transformation through leadership coaching, please sign-up for a free half-hour call.

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recorded meditations

Centering in Groundlessness 3-18-19
Centering in Groundlessness 3-20-20
Loving Kindness 4-1-20 (GGIA)
Loving Kindness May 27 2020
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