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David Rosenheim Testimonials

Carla Peterman.jpg

Carla Peterman, Energy & Utility Expert, fmr CPUC Commissioner

Dave is an excellent coach. He helped me identify personal and professional goals, as well as gave me the tools to achieve them. In particular, he provides organization, meditation, and problem-solving methods to better optimize productivity and contentment. Dave brings an especially empathetic, relatable, and practical approach to his coaching. I was impressed by how insightful, and fun, the experience was. I recommend him highly.

Mason Blake.jpeg

Mason Blake, CEO & co-founder, UpCounsel

I respect and admire David more than just about anyone. In the 10+ years I've known him, he's had a profound impact on my career, first as my CEO and then as a mentor and advisor as I started UpCounsel. David was one of the first people I called once I became an entrepreneur, and his advice always had a calming affect. He’s very thoughtful and genuinely cares about people, often encouraging others to take time for physical health, mental health, and family.

Deepa Lounsbury.jpg

Deepa Lounsbury, Director of Products, Extensible Energy

Over the last six months, Dave helped me develop critical habits important for work productivity and overall happiness: a regular meditation practice, structured communication, and checking in with my own gut feelings. I feel clear-headed, balanced, and more emotionally intelligent. His coaching was structured and his style exploratory and encouraging. He has a great way of adapting age-old tools and philosophies to our time-constrained, digital world. I recommend Dave to coach and elevate you above your scars, anxieties and ruts to get the most out of your life and career.


Michael Thornton, CEO and founder, CarbonAnalytics

I met Dave and immediately appreciated his openness, interest, positivity and intelligence. After he joined Carbon Analytics as our advisor, this regard has only increased - he's been a tremendous help providing consistency, structure and support to our fundraising process. If you have the chance, get him on your team!

Alex Carr.jpeg

Alex Carr, Marketing Consultant

I worked for Dave for six years when he was the ED of The Climate Registry, and they were six of the best years of my career. Dave is smart, strategic, creative and a values-driven, humane leader who is a lot of fun to work with. He constantly inspired me to do my best work, and his passion for taking action on climate - and his belief that we could - was very motivating during challenging times...I would jump at the chance to work with Dave again.

James Rategan.jpeg

James Rategan, Consultant

Dylan James Advisors

David played a critical role in my personal and professional development. Specifically, David helped me to identify and invest in positive new habits, (2) awaken creative energy and intellect, and (3) activate an ecosystem of mutual support. Our work together has resulted in growth I never dreamed possible. I will be forever grateful for his guidance, knowledge and friendship.

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