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Dave brings an especially empathetic, relatable, and practical approach to his coaching...I recommend him highly.
-Carla Peterman, EVP, Corporate Affairs, PG&E, fmr CPUC Commissioner

I feel clear-headed, balanced, and more emotionally intelligent.  

-Deepa Lounsbury, Director of Products, Extensible Energy

He's had a profound impact on my career.  

-Mason Blake, CEO and co-founder, UpCounsel


For those seeking to make a change, a big change, I can help.

You are a leader who is ready to take your vision to the next level. You are a CEO, founder, senior executive, or emerging leader working on an idea that will change the world for the better.


You want to be more effective and present and less reactive. You want to be more connected to those whom you lead and with whom you collaborate. You want to slow down so that you can see the big picture. You want to be more at ease in your life and work so that your creative power can flow.


You want to change.

I collaborate with leaders like you to provide transformative personal development in a business leadership context. My clients are often amidst major challenges and transformations: founding companies; raising capital; establishing trust with co-founders and board members; launching new products; building and leading teams; changing roles, and aligning people with strategy to scale impact.


My clients include organizations and leaders in the renewables, energy, cleantech, utilities, non-profit, sustainability, and government, healthcare, IT, FinTech, finance, private equity, enterprise software, early-stage tech, AI, SaaS/cloud, consumer Internet and mobile, social media, legal, media and entertainment, retail sectors. My clients appreciate my sense of compassion and honesty as well as my strategic and relational savvy. 

See some testimonials here.


I was in your shoes. I was a founder and CEO of two venture-backed consumer-facing Internet companies in San Francisco for twelve-years. A remarkable coach helped me to transform my focus from tech start-ups to climate change. I then served as Executive Director of a prominent global climate policy non-profit for six-years. I have managed and mentored many people along the way. I have 20-years experience building and leading teams, overseeing all business functions from product to sales, strategic planning and managing investor and board relations.

You can read more about my background here.


I am a certified Integral Coach. My training equips me to work holistically with my clients – developing the cognitive, emotional, relational, and other capacities appropriate to my client’s needs and goals. Each coaching engagement follows a customized development plan with observable outcomes based on each client's unique goals.




We all grow into adults with a certain idea of ourselves that informs our way of being. A way we act that our family, our community, and our work continually reaffirm as being right. Many of us continue in this mode our whole life. It protects and serves us. It’s comfortable. It works.


But what if there is something else? Some other way of being that creates new possibilities for how we see ourselves, what we do, how we respond, how we connect with others, how we experience the world?


Life is short and precious. Human potential is limitless and the needs of the world are great. By cultivating presence,  self-awareness, and compassion through practice, we can each be agents of our own and the world’s transformation.


I want to collaborate with you to make that change.


Interested to see if this is a fit for you or your organization? Schedule a free chemistry call when you're ready.

-David Rosenheim


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